HTH Precision Mechanical Joint Stock Company (HTH) was established in 2016 in the context of the country’s mechanical industry is on the way of integration. HTH is responsible for the production, research, application & development of precision mechanical engineering, heavy engineering, manufacturing of industrial lines such as waste preliminary processing lines, Asphan hot plastic mixing plants, cement concrete batching plants and lines in other industries.

The company headquarters was built on an area of ​​about 3 hectares in Cao An Industrial Complex – Phu An Village – Cao An Commune – Cam Giang District – Hai Duong Province. Located on National Highway 5B and about 55 km from Hanoi as well as 55 km from Hai Phong Seaport, HTH is considered to be the most favorable position in transporting and transshipment of goods in the region.

HTH is made up of the following factories:

  • Machine parts manufacturing workshop (CTM)
  • Machine assembly and assembly plant (LRM)
  • Product cleaning and painting workshop (LS)
  • Mechanical and electrical department (CD) and mechanical parts (CG)

The workshops in the company are equipped with modern production lines, according to Japanese technology. The production technology equipment is built and installed on the basis of technology lines of modern mechanical plants – closed lines.

The workshops in HTH are equipped with heavy, modern & synchronous mechanical processing equipment such as: lathe machines 18 meters long; 6 meters CNC lathe & milling machine; horizontal CNC boring machines, vertical lathes … can be processed in details up to 3m in diameter, … to manufacture super-sized and super-heavy equipment for heavy industry.

Although established not long ago, HTH really proved its technological capability in all stages from research, design, manufacture, to warranty installation services. HTH successfully fabricated large non-standard mechanical parts as well as completed the technological process of manufacturing the following products:

  • Large single-body steel columns and lighting poles.
  • Rubber tire pyrolysis furnace system into FO-R oil
  • The system of processing and sorting domestic waste is up to 900 tons of garbage / 24h.
  • Asphan batching plant and cement concrete mixing plant,
  • Pressure equipment, accessories for road and bridge industry such as expansion joints, long haul, cantilever, steel bridge bearings.
  • Non-standard mechanical equipment used in the electricity industry such as large power turbines, hydropower valve support bearings …

In the trend of integration & competition, HTH looks forward to working closely with Vietnamese enterprises in general & manufacturing mechanical enterprises in particular to jointly develop technological capabilities and cooperate to implement Large projects, improving the internal force of the home industry.

HTH always aims to be effective with the commitment:



Hotline: 0946 208 130

Email: inbox@hthcompany.com.vn

Web: http://www.hthcompany.com.vn

Address: Lot CN 17 Cao An Industrial Cluster, Phu An, Cao An Commune, Cẩm Giang District, Hải Dương Province


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